Verbill - EP

by Verbill

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The debut self-titled EP from Verbill (Voted Best EP 2012, ). Featuring 5 banging tracks produced by Nick One and a smooth guest vocal appearance from Jay (Paua). Cuts by DJ Returnagain and New Years Steve. Available to order now.


released December 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Zurik Records Brisbane, Australia

Independent Australian Record Label.

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Track Name: Buggin & Illin
Yeah I get the loop in my head then I put it on replay

Get drunk and start staggerin across the freeway
Or highway, whatever I’m high hey
Why haven’t the Hoods replied to me on Myspace?

Maybe it’s coz I’m a pervert and they heard it

People say I’m an asshole, this song confirms it

Call my ex just to try and work things out

While I’m takin a shit at my new girlfriend’s house, what!
Yeah, this next release I’m plannin

Got no talent but it got heaps of swearin

Tell you that you can come through for cheap recording

Then extort you, there’s been a price increase this morning

One day I plan to be loaded with G’s

So I can blow em all at once on a poker machine

Got a sign on my door and it says stay out you cunt

I been destined for great things since I came out my mum


Drunk loner, I woke up hung over
Hunched over some weird looking slut's sofa
So much for going the entire month sober
Made the commitment to set it straight then got drunk to celebrate
In the car pushin accelerate, no hesitate
Coz I can see pop stars up ahead with dates
I wouldn’t bother putting out a clean version of my raps
Coz it'd be just like a beat with three words on the track
Standin in line with a Bi-Lo application
In a night robe lookin like a psycho, agitated
I got problems, I’m only focused on tits
A solar eclipse’d have me still focused on tits
It’s Verbill, I’m not all that
But I’ll still take a shit where your lawns at then again on your doormat
I heard your shit and had to pause that
Ponderin what the fuck you was thinking when you decided to record that

Track Name: Slice
Ayo I hate to say, that I hate the way that life’s treatin me

But day to day I could take away this life easily

Yeah, I think about it quite frequently

If I could just erase my face, escape this place and lie peacefully

And not have to keep dealin with stress

Feelin depressed, if I could just ease all the tensh

I’d do it in a split sec, why? Coz I’m not impressed 

With life or existence, all it fuckin brings stress

I need to find a place that’s heaven to me

Coz this shit inevitably a get the better of me

And I can’t seem to get my head straight
Yeah goin to bed late, then wakin up with a fuckin headache

I ain’t no genius, but that ain’t sound correct

And my bank balance is low as fuck man, I’m outta ched

This amount of stress too much to get around my head

Sometimes I wish I’d go to sleep and never wake from out of bed


Yeah, ain’t it funny the way life treats us
Might as well get a great big stick and beat us
Seems to get worse just when we need it to ease up
Strange but I guess that’s just the way it’s meant to be, huh?
I think the key’s ta, never let it defeat ya

No matter what challenge rises up to meet ya

No matter what it is, you need to stick on your feet bruh

And keep shit positive, coz

Life is tough, sometimes you feel like givin up

Gotta search for that strength in you and pick it up

We only livin once, think of all the different stuff

Our ancestors had to go through to get to us

What a waste on their part, not to live it up

Better yet a waste on ours, to really spit it blunt

We only livin once but think of all the different stuff

We could achieve before our time of livin’s up

Track Name: Everything feat. Jay from Paua
Hey yo, this song is dedicated to that one special girl

Who rocked my world, more beautiful than a precious pearl

She had a soft touch that could sooth me

When I was with her the boys thought I was actin loony

A natural beauty and I’m truly all gratitudey she happened to me

After we hung, no other girls even mattered to me

Such a pretty face, such a gorgeous smile

Sophisticated, but all the while she was sorta wild

I still remember, the first time I ever seen her

Thinkin back now, it’s almost like I was meant to meet her

For real, she was my world, was my everything

Her lips pressed against the V, the recipe for ecstasy

Cherished memories, her in bed with me layin next to me

I kissed her as she fell asleep and prayed that what she dreamt was sweet

At one point, I even thought that we was meant to be

But the river thinned out and we drifted into separate streams

Coz you was my girl, and you was my world and
You was my queen, and you was my dream and
You were my everything
I’m still reminiscing bout them days
When you was my girl, and you was my world and
You was my queen, and you was my dream and
You were my everything, You were my everything

When people ask me what I miss the most, from being with my close

Pal, it’s hard coz the whole entire list was dope

Was it the flicks we scoped, trips we took to different coasts

Or laughing so hard at silly jokes, we nearly choked

Partyin all night, buyin drinks, killin doe

Seein her face when she first saw the winter snow

Was it the hotel rooms where we kicked it low

Ordered room service then went downstairs and dipped our toes

On the way back, saw the door sign and flipped it so

I could see that tattoo folks didn’t know existed yo

Jet skiin when she kept screamin, let me get off

And I kept speedin to the extreme, laughing my head off

These memories is red hot, the time we spent it went off

That’s why I just can’t put one thing at the head coz

Everything I did with this lady, it drove me crazy

And I can still taste them tasty little pastries that she baked me

Fade me


I still remember when I asked you out
After that party at the front of that house

And you was grinnin before I said it coz you knew where I was headin

I used to wake up, see you puttin on make up

Towel wrapped around your hair, goin straight up

Remember when I stayed up (remember when I stayed up) in hospital all night
By your side to make sure you was alright

Yeah makin sure you was alright was my business

Guess what I found the other day, some items of interest

First item, picked it up, gave our itinerary a glance

Trips to Switzerland, Italy and to France

Love letters you’d written me, photos of you kissin me

Gifts you’d given me, you shittin me

Do you remember when we flew together
Watched the tube together, ordered food together

Then you crashed out on my shoulder, lookin cute as ever

Out the window a sight, photographers pursue and treasure

But to me the view of you was better

I’ll remember you forever


All day (all day yeah)
All night (and all night what)
You had me thinking bout loving (you had me thinking bout it)
You had me thinking bout loving (you had me thinking bout it)
All day, all night
You had me thinking bout loving
You had me thinking bout loving

Well I was only reminiscing bout the times we shared
you and me my girl that was the best time of my life yeah
of my life yeah
See I was only reminiscing bout the times we shared
you and me girl was the best time of my life yeah
of my life yeah
Track Name: Burnin
You ever sat there sayin to yourself, what the fuck?
Twenty-three years old, still stuck in a rut
Shit should’ve popped off by now
It’s frustrating watching my old man working round the clock right now
Plus, he goin in for an op' like now
I’m droppin him off at the hos' and the cost quite foul
I’m still livin in my Grandma crib, and I love her the best
But it’s time I got the fuck up and left
And found a place I can call my home, call my own
So when I meet my sunshine, we can chill and unwind
To something divine with crushed lime
While I send my family on holiday, tell em they should upsize
Tell em when they get back, there’s no more bus rides
Or alarm clocks with buzz times for when it’s unbright
I wanna see all I’m rhymin about, something’s holding me back
I’m doing my best to drive it on out, and it's

All the fire inside of me, the desire to try and be, who I aspire to be is
I got things that I want to achieve before I leave that I just gotta cease and it’s
I won’t stop till I get what I want
Know where I’m headin and I ain’t gonna flop because it’s
Anybody get in my way I’m
Yeah I’m

I got dreams of rockin on stage with thousands of fans
Have my lyrics touch they soul, out where they stand
Have em singing the words I wrote out with my hand
Screamin, loud as they can, front row out to the stands
But these dreams of rockin on stage
They seem kinda distant when you work a job that you hate
Plus your boss got you rostered for lates
I can’t quit just yet man, everybody gotta get paid!
I wanna travel the world though, out to Japan
To deserts in Dubai and stand on mountains of sand
But the difference is, I don’t wanna rush back for business shit
To work a shit job, that’s not how I envision this
Sittin stiff with a tie ain’t written in my list of things
I wanna say I did with my life, I’m being strict with this
I gotta do all I can to make it happen
Coz right now I’m at the point where I’m nearly snappin, and it's


So as I sit with my thoughts of livin large here
In the same place that I been since last year
I need to make things happen in my life
I need to change a few patterns in my life
Coz every year..
I count down with the same people in the same place
Same drink in my hand, in the same state
Sayin the same thing, like man this year went quick
Next year’s gonna be good, I can sense it
Same list of goals, missing the same ticks
Same lame excuses, for the same shit
Same old story, same bullshit, same stress
Same job, same fucking everything else
Track Name: Back in the Days
Ayo I wanna take it back, to when I used to drink a lot

Wake up and not remember what I did a lot

Back when I was too young to buy a liquor bot

And had to ask somebody else to go in the shop

They were them days that I miss a lot

Responsibility now, stress, I take it back to kill it off

So if I’m driftin off chillin with a grin it’s coz

I’m thinkin of them times, man they really was a gift from God

We used’ta smoke a little buddha by the skate park

Grownups in the area used to hate us

It was cool, hip hop connected dudes from different schools

And brought us all together so we could roll as a single crew

It wasn’t just hip hop, nah it was drinkin to
Smokin weed, skateboardin, chasin chicks with boobs

You know all that mad fun shit the kids’d do

Before we had to switch into career mode and fill them shoes

Meetin the lads down the park to sink a few

Back when Elsie was mixin his own ginger brew

We’d party til the cops came, then we’d kick it to

The next location to continue getting friggin loose
Runnin from cops, cuttin across

Fields, creeks, bushes, the kicks’d need a scrub and a wash

Arrive at the next spot, still buzzin like what
They was them old school days yeah, and fuck they was hot


Back when we was little cool bandits
Gettin kicked out of school dances

Not a care out, makin parents tear hairs out

We used to get up to the sickest shit

I’m talkin bout when our phones was big as shit

But still weren’t considered bricks

Freestylin in the backyard, drunk spittin shit

Props to Buer, hands down he was the king of it

Drunk off goon sacks, and suckin the fumes back

Classy I know, but the truth it got ya loose as

Apologising the next day, coz I was too trashed

Denying I hooked up with that bitch, man she was too fat

Why are you mad? I know most of yall’a done it too

Matter of fact, I had that shit done to me by one or two

Memories of just hangin, with a bunch of the crew

Catching a bus to some dude’s party who none of us knew

Or piling-in the maxi taxi, drunken

Still remember the adrenalin of when we jumped em

Speakin of jumpin we used to crash in the school gym

On high jump mats and break in with that dude Kling

I remember they took the bad dudes from class at school

Put us into the one, like that was the smartest move
Back when I got home so late, my folks thought I was early

Back when I didn’t have a car, I was walkin the journey

Back when I’d link with Lflows for parties

Grab a bottle of Old Crow and go halvies


We in the party now, rockin to the atmosphere
Chillin round the back, hangin loose on plastic chairs

You know the point, where you’re finishin your last pour

Bout to make a start on all them beers that aren’t yours

A certain chick walks in and you notice her

You seen her around school but never spoke to her

But now that you got a little rum and coke in ya
It’s gonna happen, just gotta wait for the moment ta
Walk up, smoothly and say something slick

But on your way over, all you do is stumble pissed

And when you go to speak, all you do is mumble shit

Plus you’ve even bumped and spilt your drink over the stunner’s kicks

Plus you ain’t looked nowhere but her tits

For real, ain’t even looked up once and it’s

Obvious to everyone that you’ve fucked it big

But what they don’t know, ya luck is in, she dug the kid

For a while she’s had a real big crush and it’s

Just then when you reach in and bust a kiss

She tastes of bubble gum, it’s funny how you notice it

When you’ve been drinkin loads and you’ve been smokin shit

Ya still kissin her, grinnin out the back of ya head

A sick night, and you managed to get

The hottest chick in the whole place, your friends goin, oh great, yeah
Take me back to the old days


Yeah, I think back to them days I really miss them days
I think back to them days I really wish them days
Would come back around so I could relive them days
But I can’t relive them days so I gotta miss them days